Advancements in healthcare is rapidly evolving both in Turkey and the World. These technologic developments are used to serve the health of humans and other living creatures. However, while doing this lives may also be disturbed. Improvement of healthcare for family and the public may be achieved by high quality professionals that realized the value of research, able to perform interdisciplinary coordination and share their knowledge. In the globalizing word, our University aims to raise inspired and leading health professionals and has developed creative and innovative methods for education and research.

Our students will be trained through an approach that focuses on respect to human and all living creatures, faithful to nature and always prioritize ethical codes. Our graduates will be leaving this hearth and home with professional skills for research and development, will be both nationally and internationally recognized, and internalized the principles of life-long learning. As one of the few faculties among all universities in Turkey that will offer education in English, we also welcome foreign students with the same attitudes. I believe that students of Health Sciences Faculty of Atılım University will leave a mark on our hearts, on their beloved countries and on the world. Each will be a respected individual of their nation and the whole world.

I again cordially welcome all our students and their families. We will always be here: today, tomorrow and in future times.

Prof. Dr. Nedret Kılıç