Our University has established the Faculty of Health Sciences as its sixth faculty at its 20th anniversary, with its experienced and proficient faculty assuring modern and robust education; aiming to raise highly skillful individuals with social responsibility, open-minded for learning and innovation, determined for investigation and research. The new faculty consists of “Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation”, “Nutrition and Dietetics”, “Nursing” and “Child Development”.

Atılım University, Faculty of Health Sciences has been established by the Cabinet Decree in accordance with the law no 2809; additional article 30, dating 06/02/2017. Our “Nutrition and Dietetics” and “Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation” Departments has been approved to accept students in the 2017-2018 Academic Year by MF3 score according to decree of Higher Education Council no. 75850160-301.01.02-33689; dating 16.05.2017.